I wrote a series of articles about death and Jain traditions when my grandfather passed away . This post lists all the articles that I wrote. Some of the posts share opinions that explain why, for example, Indians and East Africans began to cremate bodies whilst the other opinion focuses on the Jain perspective.

  1. Death and rituals in Jainism.
  2. Why do we cremate the deceased?
  3. Why should we walk around the coffin?
  4. What happens to the cloth that is under the coffin?
  5. Why are incense sticks placed in the coffin?
  6. Why should funerals only be attended by males?
  7. Why do we need to bathe after touching a dead body?
  8. How should the body of the deceased be removed from the home?
  9. Which way should the body of the deceased face when it is brought home?
  10. What to do when someone passes away in the Navnat community
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