Why are ex-council/ex-local flats better?

They are built well as opposed to new private builds, which are rushed and completed after many corners are cut!

They are designed for families to live in comfortably, rather than, cramped in small rooms. The private builds make you feel boxed in!

They are built to last, rather than, new builds which seem to have many faults and issues which show up within a year or so of living in them.

The surroundings have been given thought. The flats aren’t just erected wherever there’s some vacant land or where a business got taken over. There are parks nearby so that families live well. Places to hang your clothes outside. The best way to dry clothes! 🙂

The yearly service charge is a FIFTH or less than that of new builds. Most new builds have a tiny sum of £1000 a year.

You only need contents insurance because the building insurance is covered in the service charge.

I lived in an ex-council 1 bedroom flat before living where I do now and it was fab!

The upgrade to an ex-local 3 bedroom flat was NOT a mistake either! I’ve lived here alone and now have the pleasure of living with Suraj.

As you come out of our flat there’s a park for little kids and then another if you keep walking. This one is for older children and behind it, there’s a huge green area where people walk their dogs, go jogging etc. It’s so green.  🙂

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Sagar · June 25, 2010 at 12:05 am

I agree….but:

– Sometimes it can be harder to get a mortgage on ex-local authority property (first direct for example do not generally lend to ex local authority properties)

– As a private leaseholder, you sometimes have less say in works that take place (the council makes pretty much all the choices) and you can get landed with a pretty hefty bill if the council decides to do major works on the block (the flat I’m in the process of buying is going to have an additional £7,300 charge for major works this year which is due over 12 months – this as more than some people are able to save after all expenses and paying the mortgage)…

    Heena Modi · June 27, 2010 at 7:36 pm

    Really? I had no idea! I’ve had a mortgage with The Bank of Scotland, Chelsea and Teachers with no trouble at all.

    I know what you mean about major works but that kind of thing should be pre-empted in the survey so the buyer/owner can plan and save accordingly. The council also have to notify residents of such things, they have to consult and you have the right to appeal so it shouldn’t be so much of a ‘hands tied’ situation. Also residents can apply for grants to get major works done so the council aren’t involved and the cost is diminished. 🙂

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