To those who are admired.
So I guess this is for everyone because everyone will be admired by someone in some way. Right?
Those who look up to you, those who are influenced by you may maintain relationships with only those who YOU keep in touch with. You set the precedent; the example. So if YOU spend lots of time with ‘certain’ family members or friends; your kids & others who ‘follow your example’, will do the same. They’ll spend time with THOSE people.
Those who you ‘write – off’ or spend little time with, will be forgotten, deemed unimportant & perhaps even perceived to be without value.
When those who are influenced by you are old enough to make decisions & judgements for themselves, it is often too late to make any changes to these relationships which were never formed.
To illustrate this point in a clearer way I’ve added some names below.
Nilpa admires and follows her elder brother Sujit. For whatever reason Sujit ‘wrote – off’ maintaining a relationship with Ushma.
Years may have passed with little or no contact between Nilpa and Ushma.
Bonds have been formed between Ushma & others.
Nilpa & Ushma didn’t spend time together but NOW that Nilpa is older and wants to create a relationship with Ushma; Ushma’s not interested. She has other things to do.
Nilpa is low on her list of priorities & she ‘cannot’ make time to meet her or even talk to her.
This becomes Nilpa’s price to pay although the situation was brought about by Sujit and his lack of wanting to keep in touch with Ushma
Are we following in these same footsteps?
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Anon · July 3, 2010 at 4:53 am

Heena, you’ve made an excellent point about maintaining relationships. I think once you bond on some level with someone, it’s important to keep that going. Otherwise it becomes an exercise in time wasting and selfishness.

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