Yesterday was a weird day. Suraj and I were heading into the city and we used the ‘back’ exit of Pinner tube station. It’s excellent as it’s closer to where we live and means we can cut a good few minutes off our journey!

So we went up the stairs, across to the other side of the station and got on the tube. When we were settled I opened Suraj’s bag to get my phone out and I saw my Oyster card. My reaction confused Suraj!

I realised I’d not touched in. Suraj then questioned whether he had or not.

There was someone from the Transport Police on the carriage so I told him what I’d realised and asked him if we should get off at the next station and sort it there or not. He suggested that we continue to wherever we were going and explain when we get there. He warned us that they may charge us the maximum fare. He didn’t say this but it’d be our fault as I/we had been careless!

Then there was an announcement “Sorry for the short notice but this train is now going to terminate at Wembley Park”

We got off at Wembley Park and waited for the next tube. Then I realised I’d left my phone on the carriage and the tube had just left the platform!

I went to the stand where there are different buttons including one for help/assistance/information. I explained what had happened to the man that answered the ‘call’ and he said he’d ring the station and ask for me.

Our tube came so I gave him our number and asked if he could leave a message on ourland line telling us if they found the phone or not.

We got to Finchley Road and rang T Mobile to cancel the SIM card etc etc etc

Then we got to our end destination and explained that we’d forgotten to touch in at Pinner. Suraj explained that he wasn’t sure if he had done so or not. The member of staff came with us to check when he last used his card. Suraj hadn’t touched in. I knew I hadn’t! Thus neither of us had touched in! He sorted that out for us and then I told him about the phone.

We went to the office and explained about my lost phone. The man we spoke to rang Wembley Park and discovered that the train had gone to the depot so we’d need to call Baker Street tomorrow. He explained that they’ll check the train before using it and if there’s any lost property on the tube, it’ll be sent to Baker Street.

We had done whatever we could.

When we got home there was a message from the gent at Wembley Park. He had similar info for me. Do you know what made me feel warm? It was the fact that he tried to find out, he kept my number, he bothered to ring it and he left a clear message telling me what I could do. Isn’t it nice?

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