So I was on my way to Kings Cross to get a train to Grantham. All I had to do was: –

Go from Pinner to Baker Street & then

Baker Street to Kings Cross

The train terminated at Wembley Park. We got told there was signal failure, a line was suspended, a fire somewhere else etc. It all affected the journey I needed to make! 🙁

After that another Metropolitan Line train terminated at Wembley Park too.  I waited 14 minutes to get the Jubilee Line to Baker Street. The only choice was to get the Hammersmith and City or Circle Line to Kings Cross. After what felt like a long wait, I made it to Kings Cross. I’d missed my train so I went to the Information Desk.

The man who was at the desk asked me questions about my ticket and said he wasn’t sure what to tell me because I had a Super Saver Ticket which meant I could only use it on one specific train. He suggested I go back to the tube station and ask for a ‘delays on the underground compensation form’

I assumed it’ be a form I fill out and send off later so I was anxious when I  had to wait in line to simply get a form. I may miss another train! Anyway it was my turn and I got told I needed to go to the Supervisor’s Office. I asked someone else and he showed me where it was. A supervisor came out and he asked for my surname which I thought was strange.

Anyway, he came out with a sheet with my name on it and an explanation of why I was delayed. He said I’d just have to give it to the staff at the platform and they should let me board the next train.

It worked and it was great! 🙂

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