This is part 2 of our story. Part 1 can be read if you click here.

Golds, whom we had sole agency with before, weren’t getting any interested parties through the door. Also we weren’t too happy about the fact that we’d lost out on 2 months whilst our flat was off the market whilst Mr. N was faffing around and we still had no buyer! Thus we ended our contract with Golds and we went multi agency.

One of the agents we instructed was called Hounds (for the purposes of this blog post).

Now we’d been multi for a few weeks and had quite a few viewings. Offers were made but they were too low or they could not get the lender to give them what they needed etc. etc. etc.

Not so long ago we had a viewing via Hounds. THIS viewing is the key to this series of blog posts!

I got a call from my guy at Hounds saying that person who viewed was interested. He wanted to move quickly and had made an offer. etc. etc. etc. I was so happy and then….
He said he told them he’d seen our flat before. Through Golds!
I asked what his name was.
It was Mr. N!
I had no idea it was him when we showed him around as we’d not met him prior to that day!
I was livid. Why? Because he’d messed us around so much before, we’d lost out on other buyers because we went with him and we were stuck because of that. He came forward again after that and was unsuccessful then too. So was there any point in putting any faith in him?

Ironically the one I had no faith in came through with a survey!

Part 3 will be published on 21nd September 2010

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