Reel Estates have been on our journey of buying and selling from very early on.

We were in contact with 2 members of staff in particular. Brian and Peter. A few months into  our journey, we developed a good relationship with Gary and Christine too. 🙂

Here’s what worked well for us. Some of these things saved us a lot of strife too!

  • They were willing to advise us about offers on our flat that were made through other agents. Really and truly, they had nothing to gain by helping us. No commission. They gained our trust but they sacrificed their time. the best part is they didn’t mind!
  • There was a guy who viewed our property through another agent. He came over again (alone), dropped off a letter expressing interest in our flat and making an offer. The thing is, he wanted to keep it a secret from the agents ‘to save us fees’! I got on the phone to Reel and was advised to tell the agent because he’ll use it as leverage to get us to drop the price so we wont really save in the end. Also we’d be vulnerable and would have to pay the fees anyway! All the agent would need to do is prove that they introduced us to the buyer once the purchase was completed. We’d then get hit with a fee and if we’d reduced the price too; we’d be at a huge financial loss! (Note shown below)
  • When we were bidding for other properties, Brian and Peter went out of their way to help us in our approach with the agent representing the sellers .
  • They kept on finding properties for us and understanding what we truly wanted so they could match our needs perfectly!
  • They made sure they came back to us with a response when we left messages or sent emails. Nothing was left pending!
  • They brought LOADS of potential buyers to our flat, when other agents barely got anyone through the door. They didn’t trick the viewers in any way. They were upfront, told them it was an ex local flat, expressed the fab condition it’s in, painted a real and full picture of the area, making sure they explained things that the viewer would need to know e.g. the other entrance/exit to Pinner tube station which is open during peak hours, schools, the local library, the High Street, the fabulous parks and more.
  • When the flat was about to sell it was Peter who warned me about the fact that we could get hit with dual fees! Why? ‘Golds’ introduced the buyer to us but when we went multi agency, we didn’t continue with them. The buyer then made another offer through ‘Hounds’. This situation would entitle BOTH agents to their commission! Click here for more info about what happened.
  • Peter didn’t just mention it once. He mentioned it again as the sale progressed.
  • Peter also gave us a number of a solicitor who specialises in contract. This solicitor was amazing! He knew his stuff and told us the bad news very quickly. We would definitely be liable for dual fees!
  • When we finally found a place, the place we’ve not moved in to; they went the extra mile to make the completion date sooner, rather than, later.
  • They made calls to the seller, both of the solicitors, the mortgage companies and more.
  • They found out information, answered queries, helped process forms and so much more.
  • If we’d waited for the solicitors to do all of that it would’ve been ages and there would have been a large hole in our pocket and the seller’s pocket too!

I cannot sing their praises enough.

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