I wrote this about half an hour ago. It felt strange. Like I understood, in a way which I haven’t before, how much of an amazing job Mums do!

I just wanted to say Happy Mothers Day.

I can imagine that it isn’t an easy task.
Encouraging them to be independent yet making sure they know you care.
Encouraging assertiveness whilst maintaining respect for others.
Helping others yet remembering to support themselves.
Being friendly, kind, open, straightforward whilst remaining alert, gentle and not becoming vulnerable.

That’s all about them.

For you it must be a challenge to reflect honestly & objectively on the ‘work’ you have done and the results which arise from the choices that they make.
It can’t be easy to stay focused, consistent & unbiased.

Then I guess there’s also the effect that others have on you.

Their thoughts, opinions and actions.

This message is already quite long YET very incomplete!

Well done for doing your best!

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