Many years ago I travelled around Europe in which I visited a number of cities over a few weeks. That trip was amazing! However, we had a stop over in Salzburg. It was an hour or less but ever since that day, I’ve wanted to return. All I could remember was it was clean, beautiful, quiet, looked after, rich with flowers and I had only seen a little bit of it!

So finally, I got to return.

Suraj and I stayed there for a few days and I enjoyed it on so many levels.

We saw the Sound of Music puppet show. It was great! In a short space of time they managed to show the main parts of the film with a good pace, enough detail and the way it all pieced together was great!



Here’s a brief slide show about the Salzburg Marionette Theatre.

Salzburg marionette theatre

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We also went to some concerts. One was at the Schloss Mirabell. The concert was amazing and the grounds were breathtaking! 🙂
Another was at The Fortress (Goldener Saal).
We ate so well! This we were not prepared for. We thought that we may be eating lots of salads and fruit but we were pleasantly surprised to find lots of places where we could eat delicious vegan food. 🙂

Here’s a slideshow to with our favourite eating places!

Dining in salzburg

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We went on a brief walk that was SO worth it. Here’s why I thought it was amazing: –

Zum kapuzinerberg

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I’ve mentioned the parts of our trip that have stuck in my mind the most.
I really enjoyed it! Have you been? If not, does it inspire you to go?
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