Recently, someone was telling me what they thought Facebook was/is set up for and that spurred me to think about it myself.

I then posted an update on Facebook asking others for them for their thoughts/opinions and the comments were great! Thus I wanted to share them and open it out further!

Feel free to start a discussion about it on Facebook or Google+ and please do include me. 🙂

Here are some of the things that were shared: –

  • To make the world more open
  • To lose the ability for you keep things private in your mind
  • It’s like a public storage facility for what’s in your head
  • It was originally created for university students to “perv” on each other.
  • Now, according to the letter from Zuckerberg to investors around the time of the IPO, to achieve a social mission, to help people to connect with each other, and with shared interests.
  • Zuckerberg is an entrepenuer and a good businessman. FB has evolved into a forum for advertisers.
  • It serves to grab information from anyone who will use the applications on Facebook.
  •  In order to use an app you have to approve for it to glean your personal information, name, address, phone, website, email.
  • Normally when one browses the internet one is anonymous, with only a number as an I.P. address, but when you use the apps on FB, these apps now connect that I.P. address to your name and other personal data. You are rendered no longer anonymous and everything you browse or buy is now information for whomever should buy that information.
  • The internet is an information resource. So the best way to glean information is to offer people something they will use e.g. like facebook.
  • It is a great tool to share information
  • It can and has been used for idol kids (and adults too) for bad purposes.
  • No matter how we use it, I have chosen NOT to put my personal information in the fields provided.
  • I only use FB apps to help animals in need.
  • A powerful tool for people who want a better world.
  • Selling things.
  • Sharing group photos, inspiring photos, ones showing off achievements, those showing the harsh realities of various things
  • Posting Quotes/uplifting statements
  • Setting up groups of so many kinds
  • Finding partners
  • Finding new friends
  • Creating events
  • Debating points of view
  • Sharing articles
  • I think the primary purpose is to connect with people all around the world…including extended family and long lost friends, that you can easily find in the search box
  • Birthday reminders
  • Facebook is made for advertisers to gain information about you.
  • Facebook also states that everything you do on Facebook or post on Facebook belongs to Facebook.
  • They can give out what you create to who they want and do with it as they please.
  • Any link you click via this site is logged, in fact, anything you click is logged.
  • Your newsfeed is based on what you want to see.
  • It learns that much about you that it can tell you what you want. And 9/10 times its right.
  • Facebook is made to learn you, study you and then use all this information to sell you things.
  • Play things like farmville
  • Ways to avoid being up front and personal
  • It is used to bully others
  • Hunters using it to show off their kill
  • Exposing eating things that are bad for you
  • Sharing political points of view

Any other opinions ?

You can’t leave a comment on my posts any more but do share them using other means. 🙂



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