Oh so much pain

My head feels like it’s going to split
I feel sick
I can’t cope

Why me? Why do I seem to get so much?
Or have I been saved from more along the way?
I can’t see it, but it’s possible I guess.

It’s not like a pin/knife stabbing you
Nor like a kick
It’s not like a pinch or punch
It’s not physical,
Just mental!

Who do I share it with, without worrying them?
Who do I tell?
What do I say?
Should I tell at all?
Should I cope with it alone?

It will get better? Won’t it?

What if he didn’t understand?
What if he didn’t know his life was to end?
What if we took a vulnerable man’s life into our own hands and got it wrong?
What if we made the wrong decision?
How do we know?

Are we living in God’s world or the devil’s world?
Do they exist together?

Was he meant to suffer?
Was he meant to have broken ribs and be resuscitated only to leave us afterwards?

I can’t take it!
So many thoughts
So many questions
No answers


What can you do when you feel overwhelmed with your thoughts, fears, worries?
Perhaps you can help yourself by doing some of the following: –

  • mediating
  • reading uplifting books
  • singing
  • going for a walk
  • calling someone who will give you what you need e.g. listen, talk you through it, hold you etc.
  • speak with a counsellor
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