A few months ago, Suraj and I went to San Francisco for the first time.

We had such a good time and I think we were both gutted about leaving.

There was so much to see, there was lots of much variety in terms of buildings, places that were very green and natural, funky areas etc. Most of all, there was an abundance of vegan food! Actually, I effortlessly found what I miss out on here; loads of vegan desserts, readily available everywhere we went!

We had our first doughnut after following a plant-based diet almost 5 years ago. They were ALL vegan so we got one of each! 🙂

vegan doughnuts

As you’ll see below, food was a huge part of our trip!

I’d recommend it any day. 🙂

If you visit San Francisco and you go to any of these places, do share your thoughts with me. Also, if you discover any other amazing restaurants or Cafés please let me know. 🙂
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