I know a few people who have to keep their mobile on 24 hours a day. Some have landlines, others don’t. However, they have a variety of reasons re why the landline can’t be the method used for emergency contact. It has to be the mobile.

This can cause a problem with the increasing number of applications which allow us to send free messages all over the world.

It also creates a problem if there’s a lag in reception because a message that’s sent at 9 p.m. for example, may not be received until 11 p.m. This could be because the sender lost reception so it was automatically sent when they had better service.

Many people have a smart phone, which they also use as an alarm clock. However, the alarm won’t work if the phone is off, so this means you have to leave it on or buy a separate alarm clock. Thus if reception kicks in at 11 p.m., you have no control over your phone sending a message that you thought you sent hours before.

Alternatively, it could be that the recipient didn’t have good reception to receive messages. Thus the message came through when it improved on their end. However, they would be as unaware of this; as the sender whose message was sent ‘late’ because they gained reception at an ‘inappropriate’ time.

Thus, with messages being sent across the miles and sender’s not taking into account relevant time differences plus messages sending or arriving late due to lags in reception; you may be alerted about a message when you, quite frankly, don’t want to know!

You need the phone to ring if someone needs you, so the option to silent it is ruled out.
What about turning off the notifications on the text messages apps? Could that work?

Life is so full and so busy.
There’s always a way to minimise what we get involved with.
There are ways to reduce feeling frustrated by things like alerts at the ‘wrong’ time.
There are many options available if we look/ask/think.

Let me know if you have thought of another way around this particular problem of wanting the phone to ‘ring’ but not ‘beep’ for messages.

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