We’ve just enjoyed a Bank Holiday weekend and those who enjoy the heat, probably felt blessed with good weather.

Suraj (hubby) and I went to Grantham for the weekend. Thanks to the internet, Suraj found one place that specifically lists vegan options on their menu.

We had a light lunch there on Friday. We had no regrets!

The place that I’m recommending is called Café Leo.

We had a sandwich with Avocado, Plum Chutney and Lettuce. We also had some soup and a muffin or two! 🙂 It was all so yummy. We found ourselves planning when we could return within minutes!

Even though the food was great, the service was even better! This Cafe is a family run business. The fact that they care about  what their customers need and want is evident. Eating here was a lovely experience. 🙂

Here are some pictures of what we ate.




download (1)



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